Hotel Amadeus Krakow

Sometimes, late at night, the sound of horses hooves can be heard echoing gently through Krakow's Old Town. It is enough to transport you straight back to the nineteenth century, and, like the hourly bugle-call from the nearby St. Mary's church, it is one of the most distinctive and charming traits of this ancient city.

The Hotel Amadeus has a lovely location on a sleepy little street in Krakow's Old Town. It is certainly a place where you can feel a sense of escape to a world of elegance and charm. Opened in 2002 to great acclaim, Amadeus immediately established itself as one of the most attractive places to stay in Krakow. With previous guests including HRH Prince Charles, Amadeus is proud of its commitment to excellence and quality.

Named after the the brilliant Austrian composer, Hotel Amadeus is not without a dash of Viennese style. Indeed, in the final years of Habsburg Galicia, the Cracovians had a great fondness for the bewhiskered Emperor, Franz Josef. The Austrian penchant for coffee and cakes was also embraced by the Cracovians, and you can enjoy these downstairs in Amadeus's elegant cafe.

Amadeus can offer accommodation in twenty rooms, including two beautifully furnished suites. All the hotel's rooms have been created in a light and airy style, with shades of cream dominating, and elegant bathrooms to match. Woven into each room you will find attractive antique furnishings, as is also the case downstairs in the restaurant. This can be found down in the medieval cellars, and it is a popular destination in Krakow for lovers of fine food. It's a romantic place to enjoy some exquisitely prepared Polish and International cuisine, as well as a splendid array of wines from across the world. With ample facilities to lay on luncheons for special business events and meetings, Amadeus is confident in being able to deliver both to the individual guest and to groups. With its marvelous location at the heart of the city, you could not be better placed to enjoy the delights of Krakow.

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